Institutional Effectiveness

Are you tasked with measuring your institution's performance against mission?  Assessing the effectiveness of each academic program and administrative unit in order to ensure continuing improvement and success in reaching goals?  

Assessment of student learning and progression and retention rates requires analysis of data aggregated instructors and courses, student surveys, and a variety of other sources in order to monitor program activities, identify weaknesses in student learning, and inform decision-making.  Ultimately the results of this assessment activity will inform the institution's budgeting process.  So, it's important to get it right!

ADVIZOR makes it easy to present data in an easy-to-analyze and very visual format that can be customized to track your institution's unique goals and objectives.  Interactive dashboards created in ADVIZOR can be set to refresh automatically, providing you with up-to-the minute information and saving time previously required in researching and contructing detailed reports.  

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