Product Update:  ADVIZOR Server AE Support for Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browsers

Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser when accessing ADVIZOR Server AE.  Chrome will not support plugins after September 2015.  The Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 does not currently support plugins.


The ADVIZOR Server AE browser client is currently implemented with a Microsoft browser plugin (“Silverlight”).  This plugin will not be supported by the Google Chrome browser in September, and is not supported by the Microsoft “Edge” browser in the newly released Windows 10.  Both of these browsers will not support any plugins. 


Our current “Silverlight” client will continue to be supported, and it will continue to be usable in the Firefox browser and the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.  Note that Internet Explorer is still available on Windows 10 (search for “Internet Explorer” in the search dialog).

We will provide a release of ADVIZOR Server AE that will support both of these browsers with a new HTML/Javascript client.  This will be available in September 2015.

Please contact with questions or for more details.