Sales and Marketing

Customer Insight

Understanding customer behavior is critical to success.  ADVIZOR is ideal for identifying the best customers and their purchase habits and trends.  Critical understanding about which customers are responding to which promotions and how they are responding can be easily culled out.  Unprofitable and declining customers are also readily identified, as well as the cause of the falloff, so that appropriate action can be taken to minimize negative ramifications.  Sales forecasting and pipeline analysis to identify key prospects is also core to our value proposition.

Product Management

ADVIZOR is ideal for working with portfolios of products in order to understand the tradeoffs in price, performance, cost, promotion, and sell through.  This type of multi-dimensional analysis is often done in Excel pivot tables, a format that is difficult to use, has limited scale, and is a poor format for sharing results and proposed actions with management.

Market Research

The goal of market research is to explore and correlate findings, driving towards segments and causal factors.  Typical "cross-tabs" are cumbersome and difficult to work with.  ADVIZOR creates a visual dashboard that is highly intuitive, faster, and easier to use to get at the key insights you need to know.  And communication and decision making are greatly enhanced and accelerated.

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