Student Success

Student Retention

All educational institutions want to retain and graduate their students. Existing data, both current and historic, holds the keys to identifying who stays and who leaves.

ADVIZOR's unique combination of interactive data visualization and predictive modeling can help your team understand which combinations of student demographics, educational backgrounds, professors, and course offerings can lead to success or challenges. Our robust predictive modeling makes it easy to understand key causal factors and then create models that can be run against new students to identify potential "at risk" situations. Use that information to intervene early to provide coaching, mentoring, or perhaps a change of courses to influence a more positive outcome.

Grade & Course Analysis

Understanding the key trends in course offerings is critical for many reasons. Connecting changing student demographics with shifting growth rates is critical to properly planning and resourcing for the future. Identifying problems is also important – for example some courses and professors are more likely to cause problems for certain types of students. Identifying those combinations and engaging in discussion and corrective action is critical.

Survey Analysis

Surveys are prevalent in higher education. They also lend themselves to being cross referenced with other information, including the key data in your source systems. ADVIZOR is designed for quickly integrating data from multiple sources, and then making it very fast and simple to connect that data and analyze across it. Imagine if your course survey data could be easily merged in and used for progression / retention analysis and scoring? Or grade and course analysis?

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