Annual Fund Analytics & Execution Symposium Registration

                         2nd Annual Annual Fund Analytics & Execution Symposium

                                    Perpetual Change --> Continuous Innovation

                                                       Wednesday, November 1st

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                                            There is no charge for this event!


A year ago ADVIZOR Solutions and Pledgemine teamed up to create the Annual Fund Analytics & Execution Symposium (AFAES) as a way to connect fundraising professionals, promote best practices, and support the growth of giving in Higher Education.

Confronted by the reality of perpetual change, businesses and institutions must learn to adapt QUICKLY and CONTINUOUSLY.  

This year's AFAES program is designed around 3 key imperatives: Inspire, Inform, and Invigorate. The opening presentation is designed to inspire Continuous Innovation by highlighting contemporary "best practices" outside the world of Higher Education. Next up, 2 speakers from Higher Education will inform the audience with success stories of innovative, data-driven strategies to increase giving... and then, be ready to invigorate! We have set aside plenty of time for a networking reception that will not only rejuvenate the spirit, but also provide an opportunity to conversationally reinforce ideas and inspiration from earlier presentations and discussions