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Data Discovery

Discover information hiding in your data

You probably have a lot of data, coming at you from a lot of different sources…and, you don’t even know what you are looking at.  Advizor’s data discovery platform makes it easy to uncover critical information hiding in your data.

With dashboard and discovery tools, you’ll be able to “see the stories” that are very likely currently hiding in spreadsheets and your CRM.

Uncover hidden information

Put Advizor to work for your team.

Advizor is an Analytical Sandbox where you can…

Blend and Analyze Your Data

With Advizor, you can blend multiple data sources into our platform.  From there, the Advizor data blender makes sense of your data for you.  We make sense of what’s been hiding in spreadsheets, and put it right in front of you in a tangible, and actionable format.

Empower users across your organization

With Accessible Dashboards

Report and share information easily across your organization.  Reduce the amount of time spent on asking IT for reports.  Advizor breaks down the silos of data and makes reporting, list sharing and metrics dashboard accessible to anyone who needs regular access to your data.

Data Blending

Combine and make sense of multiple data sources

Your data: Is it located in a single, perfectly managed server down the hall from your boardroom? Probably not. For most companies, data is located across multiple platforms and geographic locations including on-site stacks, cloud-based networks, e-commerce portals and mobile devices. Yet in a world where making best use of big data makes the difference between cutting-edge competitor and corporate also-ran, your company needs a way to merge, sort, transform and ultimately visualize data from multiple sources quickly and painlessly. Traditional approaches to this data-sorting scenario include full-stack back-end tools that require substantial IT commitment and lightweight front-end offerings that fall short if your data is too disparate.

We’ve developed a better way: The Advizor Data Blender.

Find your North Star

 Let Advizor guide you to your North Star metric. Our tools make sense of your data and point you in the right direction.

Make sense of your data through the

Data Blending Model

Advizor Solutions data blending software can prepare and blend information from more than 25 unique sources – including SAP HANA, My SQL, XML, Oracle and Splunk – to produce actionable data outputs that help empower C-suite level decision making. Even better? Advizor Solutions data integration tools don’t require complex coding or programming, meaning IT pros can focus on other line-of-business (LOB) efforts. Our solution makes it simple to:

  • Blend data from disparate sources.
  • Merge, sort, transform or append tables of data as required.
  • Integrate and aggregate your data, making it easy to model and analyze.
  • Send email alerts in response to specific conditions of your choice.
  • Use all resulting datasets in other Advizor Solutions products and internal systems.


To Understand Your Data, Quickly

Data blending is just the beginning. With Advizor Solutions in-memory data synthesis tools, you can mix and merge between one and 150 tables or more, across a variety of sources including our data blender.

Preparation and analysis tools let you easily transform data from abstract to actionable, but since this process occurs in-memory, no changes are required to source system data tables.

The result? A flexible “analytical sandbox” environment that lets you manipulate and manage data on demand – without any risk.

Data Analysis

Powered With Visualization to “See The Stories”

Can you see the stories in your data? This is the power of data visualization: The design and development of information-driven graphics that combine disparate data sets and relationships to create compelling, narrative-driven graphics. The result? Executives and technology pros alike can dive into the story behind the data and make key strategic decisions.

Thanks to the ubiquity of big data, visualization tools aren’t simply for large enterprises — companies of any size can benefit from the ability to see their data visually and understand key patterns and trends, in turn helping to clarify complex interactions and drive business growth.


An Analytical Sandbox

Put your data in our sandbox, and we’ll analyze and mold it to your needs.

Seriously streamline your day with

Integrated Systems

Advizor can work with data from any CRM system or other data source.  We work closely with the top data systems such as Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud CRM and other marketing automation and donor data platforms.

Get up and running within weeks…

A Lite Data Warehouse

Most data wharehousing projects take years of investment and millions of dollars.  With Advizor, you can be up and running within just twelve weeks. That’s no joke.

Predictive Modeling

Quick and easy, yet powerful

You need accurate, reliable predictive data analytics that don’t demand a statistics degree, advanced data preparation or in-house coding. Advizor offers world-class predictive modeling fully integrated into our interactive dashboards, giving you the power and performance required to maximize the impact of data sets, create relevant models and discover actionable insights. Here’s how:

Historically, applied predictive modeling was reserved for companies with enough capital to pay highly trained experts or custom build their own analytics solution. Now, Advizor leads the way in bringing this solution to front-line decision makers, letting them harness the power of their data simply and intuitively. Whether you’re looking to improve operational efficiency, find new customers, forecast and manage cash flow, or better allocate resources, our predictive analytics software can help.

Powerfully Predictive

Build your own models and plan your business appropriately

Done your way…

Predictive Modeling Action in Hours, Not Weeks

You’ve got the predictive analytics tools. You’ve made the connections. Now it’s time to build a model — the pairing of Advizor’s mathematical modeling component with our visual and interactive data representations makes this simple and straightforward.

Once you’re satisfied with your model, roll in the rest of your data stored in-memory through Advizor — and get the big picture. Model outcomes are presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand visual format, making it simple for enterprise professionals to export, share and strategize. And thanks to Advizor’s scheduled data refresh option, models can be saved and re-run automatically upon refresh for up-to-date information.

Empowering you with

Quick, easy and accurate models

Input your data. Choose from Excel spreadsheets, Oracle or SQL Server tables, or virtually any other relevant data source. Information from one or multiple sources can be easily loaded into Advizor.

Quickly and easily link and join data from multiple tables and multiple sources using our in-memory data management system.

Choose how you want to display your data for analysis. Advizor offers a choice of 15 different interactive charts including scatter plots, bar charts, pie charts, paraboxes and datasheets. Our patented in-memory-data model creates instant connections between charts, letting you slice and dice, drill up and down, and interact in ways not possible in traditional Excel pivot tables, charting software packages or other BI reporting tools.

We Play Nice With Other Platforms

Advizor is focused on integration and partnership with the best and brightest technology companies and services solutions.

Partners & Integrations

Flexible solutions is what we are about. Advizor is proud to partner and integrate with other great technology providers, tools and systems.

Together we’re better through

Integration & Services Partnerships

Advizor has teamed with some of the leading solution providers in the business.  Our partners are located in the US as well as in several countries around the world, including Japan, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Indonesia.  Our goal is to bring our customers the strategic, value-added advantage of a complete “one-stop” solution.

Advizor offers comprehensive certification programs for Affiliate, Value Added Reseller (VAR), Distributor, and OEM partners.