MedAdvizor Delivers Clear Results and Rapid Payback for Healthcare Providers

With the rapidly changing and competitive payment landscape and the pervasive growth of electronic medical records, healthcare organizations are now amassing unprecedented amounts of data about both their patients and business processes. While this seems productive at first glance, without effective analytics the end result can be people drowing in data-rich, but information poor environments.

We call this the "cycle of pain." The data is there...somewhere. But to get at it requires a seemingly never ending back and forth to query it, cut it, and slice and dice it. When you finally have something workable, you may realize that you actually needed something entirely different than what you first thought. The other alternative? Downloading subsets into Excel and then giving it your best shot. Equally painful.

As a result of this pain, healthcare professionals are increasingly turning to new technologies like MedAdvizor. MedAdvizor lends vital insight to improve financial and clinical outcomes in several areas:

See how the Radiation Oncology Associates of Georgia use MedADVIZOR to manage their practice and come out on top of their mountain of data.