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Webinar: Segmenting Major Giving Prospects With Data Analytics

Learn how to segment your prospects into “quadrants” and then how to develop differentiated strategies for each quadrant that will maximize your potential.

Dartmouth College using Advizor for advancement analytics

Predictive Modeling & Relationship Mapping: A case study with Dartmouth College

Learn how Dartmouth College is using predictive modeling in their day-to-day fundraising work, and how relationship maps are helping them find the best connection points to key prospects.

Best Practices in Healthcare Fundraising

A panel discussion with Boston Children’s Hospital, Riley Children’s Hospital, and Marts & Lundy

Picture of Colleagues business woman working

Tips and Tricks for Data Driven Discussions with Major Gift Officers

Discussion with UNC Charlotte (30 min + Q&A, 7/13/2013).

Creating a Culture of Analytics

Discussion with Wake Forest on how to get your entire team using data to make better and faster decisions.

Campaign Feasibility, Reporting & Analytics

(30 min + Q&A, 1/27/2016).

Donor Retention, Acquisition, and Appeal Targeting

Case study with the University of Florida (30 min + Q&A, 8/8/2012).

Developing & Using Alumni + Patient Attachment Scores

Learn what these scores are, how to calculate them and how to use them with your team

Advizor product overview for analytics for fundraising

Advizor Platform Overview

Analytics and reporting for nonprofit fundraisers with Advizor

Security Visualization

(25 min + Q&A, 12/08/2016).