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Relationship Mapping for Fundraising Whiteboard Session

Relationship Mapping Tutorial: A Case Study With Dartmouth

Use the data that you already have on hand to find connections to your best prospects.

Learn how Dartmouth College and ADVIZOR teamed up to create this new offering

Webinar: Key Metrics in Annual Giving Fundraising

Bob Burdenski joins with ADVIZOR to discuss a broad based survey on what to measure and how to improve annual giving performance

Webinar: Key Metrics in Major Giving Fundraising

and why Visits This Fiscal-Year-To-Date should not be one of them. Learn why the status quo is not working … and switch the focus from field officer activities to prospect cultivation. Check out some very different benchmarks and see how to use them to draw out stories, discover best practices, and develop coaching tips that drive larger gifts, quicker closes, and more revenue.

Webinar: How Many Prospects Should be Assigned to a Major Gift Officer

There are a wide range of views. Some say no more than 40, others deal out pools of 300 or more. We use data from our clients to help answer their question.

Key Metrics in Major Giving Fundraising Whiteboard Session

Whiteboard: Key Metrics in Major Giving Fundraising

Learn how to move from activity metrics to performance drivers, and create a transformational process for your major giving team. This 3 minute whiteboard session is based on extensive market research and proven client results. Guaranteed to open your eyes to improved results and ROI.

Webinar: Learn how to Bring Your Data to Life.

If All You’ve Got is Reporting You’re Doomed. In this tutorial we lay out a framework for how data discovery tools complement reporting and dashboards, and kill the “cycle of pain” of just having reporting.

Predictive Modeling for Nonprofits

Webinar: Predictive Modeling for Fundraisers

Tutorial on how to build successful fundraising models and where and how they can make a difference to your team… and why the work is best done by your team.