Key Metrics in Annual Giving Fundraising

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Presenter:  Doug Cogswell, President/CEO of ADVIZOR 
Special Guest:  Bob Burdenski, well-known Speaker, Author, and Consultant in Annual Giving                                                                              
Many annual giving teams manage to the wrong metrics. As a result they do not achieve the results that they could. In this webinar Doug unpacks the results of an in-depth survey to over 3,000 annual giving staff and managers that was conducted this spring. He reports on why today’s commonly used benchmarks are falling short and then he and Bob discuss what to do about it!  Some of the best practices they discuss include:

1. Participation. Am I growing my donor base over time?
2. Donor stability. Once I acquire a donor, how good of a job am I doing at keeping him/her? When donors lapse do I do a good job of getting them back?
3. Non-Donor Segmentation. How am I determining who to appeal to in the first place? What characteristics best describe who is likely to make a gift? Demographic / psychographic characteristics? Engagement? Patient or student or membership experience?
4. Appeal yields. Is my messaging connecting with my constituents? Which ones with which segments? Which sub-segments? Which media? What time of year?
5. Touchpoints. Am I soliciting with the right frequency? Am I getting my higher touch appeals to the right people often enough?
6. Average gift size & trends. Are my donors giving more over time? At the right amounts? Do people in wealthy zip codes with strong demographic / psychographic characteristics give more than others?

Enjoy this rich discussion of which metrics are most effective, and how they can be used to shift practices, and improve performance.