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Purdue University

Purdue originally acquired ADVIZOR for the Prospect Research team and the Prospect Management & Tracking team.  Their initial project was a Prospect Identification project.  Once they experienced the power, convenience, and flexibility of the tool, they saw the potential for other use case applications and using in-house resources, got to work!  Most recently they have added ADVIZOR’s predictive modeling to their toolbox.


International Prospecting
This project is a smaller version of the Prospect Identification project, focused on database entities with interantional addresses, which were excluded from the original Prospect Identification project.

Sponsored Research Grants
This project is used to compile, format, and provide data on sponsored research grants for use in corporate reports.  It accesses grant data not currently in the database, links it with the Advance data, does a fair amount of formatting, and enables the export of the data in a format that can be directly ported into several corporate reports.  What had been a manual and very time-consuming process is now automated.  

Prospect Management & Tracking

Portfolio Management
Used by the Prospect Management & Tracking director, this project facilitates portfolio reviews with the development officers.

Proposal Management & Tracking
This project facilitates the tracking of outstanding proposals, by state, size, solicitor, days, active, etc., highlighting proposals that may be “stuck” and in need of a new strategy as well as enabling forecasting and tracking against fiscal year goals.

Development Operations

Planned Gift Inventory
Used by the Director of Development Operations, this project tracks the inventory of planned gifts currently in the system and categorizes them by type, allocation purpose, allocation school, etc.  It contains a number of audit fields to identify uncollected gifts where both donor and spouse have been deceased for a number of years.  It is also used to forecast expected fulfillment, using age and other relevant factors, to better manage cash flow. 

University Pledge Inventory
This project tracks pledges, excluding planned gift pledges, by size, type, allocation, days past due, etc.  It also includes historical data of paid and written off pledges for analysis purposes.

Annual Giving

Donor Segmentation
The newest ADVIZOR project, it is used by staff to quickly segment populations for mailings, by class year, current segment (e.g.lybunt, sybunt), appeal type, time of year, and other factors.  It also facilitates analysis of the non-donor pool, with the ability to prioritize likelihood to give using predictive modeling, and to focus efforts on the best prospects.