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ADVIZOR Releases 7.0

ADVIZOR Releases 7.0:

Key themes of ADVIZOR 7.0 are:

1. Authoring simplicity. Industry unique with focus on Excel Savvy business users. No coding required.

2. Amazingly interactive charts. Easy drill down and slice and dice from high level goals to exportable lists and details. Chart library of 15 different chart types ranging from common to more advanced, including heat map and parabox.

3. Brand new drillable maps. See patterns across the U.S., drill down to select entities along Route 75 in Atlanta … etc.

4. Input, blend, & synthesize all forms of data. Doesn’t all have to be in the CRM or ERP; we load from Excel, Access, and other data sources, too. Then synthesize and model across tables to create insightful content.

5. Wide dimensional interaction. Sub-second performance when slicing and dicing across tons of metrics across many tables. Tableau and PowerBI do NOT facilitate this.

6. Embedded predictive modeling. Fully integrated, no coding required, complements our unique visual discovery™. Unmatched in the marketplace.

7. No data warehouse required. Key to the mid-market. Our in-memory mart can hold 20, 50, 150 or more tables from multiple sources. No other end-user tool does this.

8. Access from anywhere. Desktop, tablet, iPhone. On-premise or hosted. Doesn’t matter.

9. Easy results export. Export lists to take action; charts to tell stories.