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Emory University: Prospect Identificatoin

Emory began with a Prospect Identification project.  They just completed their 20th project, with more in the works!   In reponse to increasing demand, they recnetly deployed ADVIZOR campus-wide, providing schools and departments with browser and iPad access to the tool.

The secret to Emory’s success with ADVIZOR has been simple, focused projects that meet the specific needs of their various user communities.  Current projects are in use by deans, development management, staff, and analysts.  Use cases include prospect identification, financial aid, alumni relations, and campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting. They also use ADVIZOR to analyze and implement some unique metrics for prospect management.

ADVIZOR is now an integral part of their campus reporting and analysis, serving as the cornerstone for positive change in their fundraising operations.  Their strategy to “win with simplicity” has been instrumental in creating a culture of analytics.