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Identifying Significant Prospects in your Donor Database

3 Ways To Identify Significant Major Giving Prospects In Your Database

How do gift officers identify the most significant contacts within their database? Advizor has seen many advancement offices do this successfully with our platform.

In our experience, we’ve seen three ways that significant contacts in your database are identified:

  1. The field officer sets the flag
  2. Prospect research sets the flag.  They read through the contact reports, maybe talk with the field officer to make the determination
  3. The system sets the flag based on the content of the contact report.  Basically parse out and match on key words and phrases in the text

In general #1 is the most subject to “bias”, #2 the most accurate but most costly, and #3 a nice compromise.  We have had good luck with #3 with a number of our clients, and with our own CRM system and contract reports.

ADVIZOR ships 7.2!

January 8, 2019 – In ADVIZOR 7.2, the use of color has been significantly enhanced to enable more effective communication.

7 Steps to Predictive Modeling with Advizor

TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award Winners Include ADVIZOR Customer!

TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award Winners Include ADVIZOR Customer! (read the press release)

TDWI Announces 2018 Best Practices Awards Winners Innovations in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics Implementations to Be Recognized at TDWI Anaheim, August 5-10 in Southern California.

Seattle, WA, June 25, 2018—TDWI, the premier source for in-depth education and research on all things data, is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of its annual Best Practices Awards.

TDWI’s Best Practices Awards identify and honor companies that demonstrate excellence and innovation in developing, deploying, and maintaining BI, DW, and related data management (DM) applications. All nominated solutions were evaluated by TDWI analysts and faculty, who selected the award winners based on business impact, maturity, innovation, and relevance in their field.

“With so many companies innovating with data and analytics, the level of competition for the Best Practices Awards grows each year,” said Meighan Berberich, president of TDWI. “It’s a privilege to recognize these individuals and companies for their forward-thinking programs and diverse solutions. The winners are truly world-class, and we look forward to presenting the awards this August.”

TDWI Best Practices Award recipients will be honored at the TDWI Anaheim Conference, taking place August 5-10 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. Representatives from each company, along with their solution sponsors, if applicable, will receive their awards during the opening of the event.

Here are the 2018 TDWI Best Practices Awards winners:

Advanced Analytics and Data Science: HDFC Bank Ltd.

BI and Analytics on a Limited Budget: Polaris Solution, Sponsor: Paxata

BI, Visual Analytics, and Data Discovery: Medical and Health Sciences Foundation, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Solution Sponsor: ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc.

Big Data: Freddie Mac Data Management Strategies: Department of the Navy, Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education Command

ADVIZOR Technical Overview 2018

Advizor’s interactive data discovery software goes beyond traditional text, table and graphical data representations by dramatically enhancing query techniques and allowing users to quickly and accurately analyze and present even the most complex data. Advizor enables greater numbers of people to make more accurate and more informed decisions faster and more-cost effectively.

ADVIZOR Technical Overview 2018

ADVIZOR Releases 7.1

ADVIZOR Releases 7.1 (read the press release)

CHICAGO, IL – June 4, 2018 – ADVIZOR Solutions ® announces the release of version 7.1 of its data discovery and business analysis software suite. Combining world class in-memory-data-management, interactive data visualizations, and fully integrated predictive analytics behind an easy-to-use selfservice interface, ADVIZOR empowers business people to understand and analyze information without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results.

ADVIZOR’s unique architecture enables quick set up of charts displaying data from an in-memory data pool. Users are able to conduct complex queries across multiple data sources and multiple linked charts, all at the click of a mouse. ADVIZOR’s patented linking of charts and data, originating from Bell Labs research, remains unmatched in the marketplace today.

The key feature of ADVIZOR 7.1 is an automated data export. With this new capability our “light footprint in-memory mart” will now allow Excel savvy authors to quickly and easily create complex cross-table metrics and predictive model scores and export them for use in other reporting and dashboard tools and systems, in addition to consumption in our interactive data-visualization “projects”.

This new capability is a real game-changer for ADVIZOR users. ADVIZOR’s core strengths – the ability to ingest data from a variety of sources, create metrics, and build models quickly and easily without programming complex cross-table metrics and predictive modeling scores in a database, which is time consuming and hard to do – is now enhanced with this new ability to automatically export these calculations as .csv files.

More specifically, users will be able to export:

  • any fields or combination of fields from any tables that have been loaded into our in-memory datapool, ranging from 10 – 150+ tables with 300 – 500+ fields from multiple sources
  • all of our expression and model creation capabilities to create more fields

Those .csv files are then available for use in standard reporting tools, dashboards, and other systems. Our 7.1 release contains a number of additional updates that have been requested by our customers and continues our leadership role in business focused data discovery and analysis products.


ADVIZOR Releases 7.0

ADVIZOR Releases 7.0:

Key themes of ADVIZOR 7.0 are:

1. Authoring simplicity. Industry unique with focus on Excel Savvy business users. No coding required.

2. Amazingly interactive charts. Easy drill down and slice and dice from high level goals to exportable lists and details. Chart library of 15 different chart types ranging from common to more advanced, including heat map and parabox.

3. Brand new drillable maps. See patterns across the U.S., drill down to select entities along Route 75 in Atlanta … etc.

4. Input, blend, & synthesize all forms of data. Doesn’t all have to be in the CRM or ERP; we load from Excel, Access, and other data sources, too. Then synthesize and model across tables to create insightful content.

5. Wide dimensional interaction. Sub-second performance when slicing and dicing across tons of metrics across many tables. Tableau and PowerBI do NOT facilitate this.

6. Embedded predictive modeling. Fully integrated, no coding required, complements our unique visual discovery™. Unmatched in the marketplace.

7. No data warehouse required. Key to the mid-market. Our in-memory mart can hold 20, 50, 150 or more tables from multiple sources. No other end-user tool does this.

8. Access from anywhere. Desktop, tablet, iPhone. On-premise or hosted. Doesn’t matter.

9. Easy results export. Export lists to take action; charts to tell stories.

What is the Cycle of Pain?

The “cycle of pain” goes one of two ways:

  1. I have a question which my reports don’t answer. So, I go back to IT to run a query. Takes them a week. I get my answer but it’s not what I was expecting, so I rephrase my question and go at it again… and maybe again..
  2. I have a question which my reports don’t answer. So, I get data downloaded into Excel and try to play with it. But, I don’t have all the data, I can’t cut across many dimensions, it’s really hard to see what’s going on, and it’s hard to explain my answer to anybody. And, if it worked I keep my Excel spreadsheet because it was hard to get in the first place and now I have outdated data.

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7 Steps to Predictive Modeling with Advizor

7 Key Steps to a Successful Predictive Model

We often see teams jumping at analytics tools before they’ve properly framed what they are trying to do. We see a ton of focus on the actual math in the models, vs. the process to set up for the model.

In our work we recommend a process that has 7 steps:

  1. Clearly identify the problem you are trying to solve
  2. Create hypotheses about what might influence that problem. What data do you have? What additional data can you get your hands on?
  3. Blend and synthesize your data into explanatory factors that will work in a model.(most of your data does not come out of the database in this form)
  4. Visually explore the data and adjust your hypotheses (step #2)
  5. Build predictive models
  6. Examine the output and adjust the models and re-run them
  7. Bin and name the outputs so that the team can easily understand them.

In our opinion running processes like this is far more important than which tool you use. And there are data analytics tools (e.g. ours…) that do all of this in a “no coding required” approach.

A couple of tutorials:

  1. Awesome Analytics in Fundraising (30 mins)
  2. Million Dollar Donor Workshop (30 mins)
  3. Attachment Scores- How to Create them and Where to Use Them (30 mins)
  4. Overview on what ADVIZOR Does (3 mins)

Email with any questions or concerns or feel free to visit for more information.

ADVIZOR: Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017

Advizor and Synthesizing Analytics-Ready Data. Check out our featured article in Manufacturing Technology Insights

ADVIZOR: Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017

ADVIZOR: Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017

Check out the September edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights’s Magazine. ADVIZOR is featured in this month’s edition as one of the Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Providers of 2017. Flip to page 18 to read more about ADVIZOR’s solutions and services!

ADVIZOR: Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers of 2017