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Advizor Releases 7.5

December, 2020 – Advizor releases version 7.5 of it’s award winning Data Discovery and Analysis software.  More information here.

Major Giving Performance Drivers, Metrics and Change Management

Most major giving teams manage to the wrong metrics.  As a result they do not achieve the outcomes that they could.  In this session we discuss how to move away from measuring field officer activities … and instead focus on prospect based performance drivers.  The results for our clients have been more revenue, raised faster, and at lower cost.  Pretty awesome. Read more >

Grateful Patient Case Studies with Mount Sinai and U Pitt Medical

Listen in with Mount Sinai and U Pitt Medical as they discuss how to use Advizor to load and blend CRM and Patient data to create a cost-effective, secure, and high value grateful patient scoring system that updates on a daily basis.  Learn more >

Relationship Mapping Case Studies with Dartmouth & TCU

Join Dartmouth and TCU as they talk in depth about how they are using interactive relationship maps to quickly understand and leverage people connections by mining the data that they have had all along.  Learn more >

Manufacturing / 2020 FNA Talk

Learn how our manufacturing clients have taken the data from their Shop Floor and ERP systems and put it into a format that their teams now use every day to make decisions that are improving operational performance, pricing, and customer communication.  Additional info at View recording >

Security Visualization

Case study on how to use interactive data visualization and predictive modeling to find the needle in the haystack. Additional info at

Advizor and the Raiser's Edge

Advizor with Raiser’s Edge

Advizor Annual User Group Save the Date

Advizor User Summit 2019